Revolt Timeline

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Revolt is an ever changing and developing platform. In an effort to archive its history, this timeline has been created. It details monumental changes and events from the platform's launch to the present day.


27th January 2021: goes online

The website goes online for the first time and the first account is created.

@insert claimed at Wednesday, 27 January 2021 07:33

12th June 2021: Revolt Testers server goes live

(now called Revolt Lounge)

The first Revolt server is created and users start joining it.

11th August 2021: Public beta is opened

Revolt's beta release is silently opened to the public.

Change made effective by this website commit.

6th September 2021: #1 on Hacker News

Revolt reaches #1 on Hacker News, the platform is nearly hugged to death, message acknowledge requests are blocked to reduce platform instability.

Trivia: nobody from the team posted or approved this.

13th September 2021: It's Foss article is published

An article about Revolt is published to "It's Foss".

Trivia: it also showed up on Google News as a result.


8th May 2022: Revolt's blog goes live and the architecture overhaul goes live

A major overhaul to Revolt's backend is put into production which includes the addition of permissions, private channels, distributed service operation, OpenAPI specification, and more.

5th December 2022: Blog post published about Andrew Tate's operation stealing Revolt's software

A blog post is published detailing Andrew Tate's operation stealing Revolt's software.


23rd February 2023: Revolt's In-App reporting goes live with a corresponding blog post

Various changes to Revolt's policy and app go live in regards to improving user safety.

10th March 2023: Revolt's likely first big mention on a mainstream YouTube channel

Revolt is mentioned in SomeOrdinaryGamers' video "Is Discord Recording Your Calls...?"

15th March 2023: Revolt is promoted by "No Text To Speech"

Revolt is compared with Matrix in the "No Text To Speech" video "Nerdy Privacy-Focused Discord Alternatives!"

12th June 2023: Discriminators go live

Revolt announces the addition of discriminators for all user accounts following Discord's controversial choice to remove them. This results in a huge influx of users.

13th June 2023: 100,000 registered users

Revolt announces 100,000 registered users, shortly after the announcement of discriminator changes, and many users from Discord moving to Revolt.