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Nertivia is an open-source chat platform that was started in 2018[1]

Notable Features

  • Server and Theme explorer, similar to revolt's "discovery" feature.
  • A custom markup made specifically for nertivia[2]
    • Vertical Text
    • Furigana / Ruby
    • Colors
    • Supports minecraft's formatting codes, obfuscation was removed at some point due to performance issues
    • Nested quotes
  • Tabs for active channels
Less notable features
  • Message reactions
  • Embeds supporting a limited subset of HTML
  • A drawing pad
  • Channel icons by using Emoji and Custom Emoji



Nertivia is currently undergoing a rewrite as of the 17th of April 2022, its new repositories can be found here[3][4][5].

The branding has also been confirmed to be changing at some point[6].

This project is now confirmed as Nerimity.

Legacy Client

Nertivia underwent a client rewrite starting from the 14th of September 2020[7].