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Memberset was a chat platform designed for closed-off paid communities.

Acquisition of Hiven

Memberset's Twitter banner

Memberset acquired ownership of the Hiven brand, confirmation from Phineas indicated they did not receive any of Hiven's code[2]. They also acquired the @hivenhq Twitter account[3] but seemingly never used their own Twitter account @Memberset[4], it is still protected to this day.

Platform Launch

Memberset attempted to launch their platform on the 7th of February 2022.

They were instantly met with disappointment from those who were following Hiven and a host of various technical issues ranging from:

  • A complete service outage[6].
  • Client would hang for 3 seconds every time a character was typed[7].
  • Exposed S3 bucket leading to data being compromised[8].

Before they pulled the plug and went silent again[9].