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Derailed is an instant messaging social platform catering as "Your space to talk."[1] It is open source, and licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license[2].

Derailed lets users communicate via text messaging, files, and other media inside communities called "Guilds." These Guilds are hosted online via Derailed's Gateway and users connect to them through said Gateway using WebSockets.

Derailed is currently under heavy development, yet planned to launch privately soon.

Derailed uses Python for the main parts of its API[3], Elixir for its real-time Gateway[4] where it also uses Rust for authorization[5]. Finally, Derailed uses TypeScript for its Website, App, and Mobile App, where it utilizes React, React Native, and Astro[6].

Derailed has had many a controversy over its last year+ of development due to a mix of rapid iteration and rapid name & branding changes. As these have stopped in most cases (last name change was December, 17th, 2022[7]) it still surprises many people that Derailed has had over 40 name changes[7].

The platform while being over a year old is still unstable and not fully featured[8]. It is recommended you do not use it yet until these can be guaranteed.